Sunday, December 2, 2007

mid term exam

mid term exam is tomorrow.. 8pm.. psychology..

well.. i just started studying the first chapter today..
i know i know..
its kinda last minute rite?
but i think no worries la..
coz its only 3 chapters and its MCQs!!!
just memorize and read up a lil bit before exam..
and it will be fine..
hahaha.. talk like very easy rite?
actually part from memorizing the 2 chaps just now..
totally sucks la.. =.=
coz the second chapter consist of many scientific words...
and in order to release my stress,
i did this..

tadaa... looks a lil yucky isnt it? but trust me.. taste real good~ tuna spaghetti.. =P

i shud be continueing studying by now.. tata.. =)

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