Wednesday, December 5, 2007

korean bbq

for today's dinner, it was kinda special..
actually its my first time eating a "true" korean meal..

as we go in the restaurant..
they welcomed us "anneangseyo"
so 3 of us.. me, my sis and daddy..
sat at the square table like how the japanese did..
hmm.. i guess that we're their first customer to dine in for dinner...
haha.. coz there's no one there yet..
they have 2 workers serving food and 1 ladyboss..
3 of them were pure korean..

this is how the table looked like.. with a hole in the middle to put ur smelly legs in.. haha..

there's even a television there.. and guess what.. haha~ KBS world channel..
3 of us had the korean steamboat.. which is kinda spicy and taste not salty.. its good for health actually coz consuming more salt will cause high blood presure..
we ordered the seafood steamboat..
before the steamboat came.. we were served with the side dishes first.. there are black beans, kimchi, potatoe salad, vege, some anchorvies (ikan bilis) and few more la.. dunno the name of it..

and this is the seafood steamboat.. all ingredients were dumped inside.. its rm50 for 1 serving..
this is my all time favorite food.. haha.. the unagi.. no idea what it calls in korean.. very nice.. 1 portion for rm 30
this is pork dumpling.. the taste is ok la for me.. it tasted better if dipped with the sauce they served to you..
egg bean curd.. it came together with the side dishes.. its not very salty also.. in fact, all the food they served are not salty.. good rite?? haha
so? apa lagi tunggu? makan lor.. hehe.. first time using korean chopstick and long long spoon.. kinda excited.. haha.. lame?
whole table full of food.. hehe.. isnt that the greatest thing? =P
haha.. know what's this? the left over seafood shells la.. hehe.. so full.. *burps*.. opps~!

this is so called green tea.. it tasted different from the green tea at sushi king's.. its has a lil bit of sessame seed taste.. the person told us its contains rice... weird tea huh?

guess what's this? haha.. korea is famous for its ginseng rite? this is a ginseng chewing gum.. my sis said its kinda bitter.. but ginseng is a herb rite? if its not bitter then will it be sour or sweet? haha...

the shop assistant's service was good i consider.. the bill for 3 of us is bout rm 130.. price is a lil bit too expensive.. but if next time i were to come to eat again, i will probably try the korean bbq.. coz thats what the shop are famous for.. =) if u wanna find for this shop, its located at the same row of maybank at melaka raya.. easy to locate~ hehe.. "kamsamida" for the service!!

next location --> Rally Club at bukit baru.. they had just renovated the place there.. and according to my dad, they spend almost 3 million for the renovation.. wuu... big cost huh? well.. i personally think that Rally Club is a place for mid 30's to 50's or even 60's.. haha.. can it be considered as "old folks home"? seriously.. u cant see people aged 18-20's there.. except for the waitress la.. but.. in my perception, i think the karaoke room has a not bad sound system.. will try there next time.. haha..

get a lil tipsy just now becoz of the chivas.. *im not a kaki botol okay*... teehee =)

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jijitankyy said...

I visited once in previous. The foods is tempting but abit over expense.
We guys keep repeating order the side dishes because it is free.haha