Friday, December 14, 2007


yesterday me and my sis went to mng for the sales..
and our bill came out to be rm1000+

crazy rite? i havent experience a thousand dollar bill before..
haha.. and now i've accumulated 2 dresses, 4 tops and 1 jeans..

i like this dress but its black.. cant suit for chinese new year.. and my grandma's gonna kill me if i wear that during chinese new year..

fucking ptptn haven't bank in the money..
they keep on delaying it~!! sigh..
at first they said its 11th, then 24th and now its 31st!!!!
hope it wont delay until january.. because january would be my shopping spree season 2.
weee weee.. smiles smiles and smiles..
i can't resist with my smiles everyday..
its just so... sweet to make me smile everyday..
haha.. now im smiling everyday.. even to myself..
crazee? haha..
even if just a glimpse of you.. it mades my day..
somethin's sweet gonna happen in this adorable month of mine..

haaha... =)
adorable laa.. haha

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jijitankyy said... must be a Shopping Queen!