Sunday, December 23, 2007

call it lucky!

today is the course registration day for FBL beta students..
and its my first time registering course in campus.
so me and xinhui decided to reach library at 8am in the mornin..
and waited until bout 8.45am for us to go in the library..
before we went in..
i decided to take out my id card, so that it would be faster for me to scan it and enter...
unfortunately.. i din bring it, and i suspected its LOST!!
oh my.. lost ler... rm60 burn like that!!
okay.. so i got my way in to the library without my id card..
those security guards dont really care bout it also..
so i walked in and get the first pc..
and i thought i really got it..
unfortunately.. there's no power supply..
so i waited and waited and waited..
until 9.10am..
taadaaa... there's power supply alrdy..
tried many times for bout 2 hours plus..
maintenance or database problems laa..
sigh.. until 11am, me and xinhui decided to go fill our stomach..
the moment we walked out the library..
there it goes.. my fren tellin us..
"wei.. can register alrdy!!!!!"
so.. i registered the timetable that i've planned.. and its all available..
haha.. i guess im real lucky la..
thanks to the bird shit that landed on me yesterday..
its my lucky day afterall..

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