Wednesday, June 23, 2010

im frustrated!

i am truly frustrated now..
its not just now.. this feeling has been in me since 2 weeks ago..
i feel like i'm really a useless person..
have been finding for jobs and attending few interviews..
but still I am not qualified in their companies..
what's wrong with me?
Izzit just me or what?
Sigh.. what a useless person i am...

Friday, June 4, 2010

before the second chapter of life starts...

tadaa... finally i have done my FYP hardcover.. and got an unexpected result for FYP.. lol exam ends at 12th May 2010.. when i came out from the examination venue, i have a mixed feeling of released stress but working stress is coming so soon after that... i must be responsible for so many things when work starts.. bills bills bills.. sigh.. that is what adults are so stressful about... everything counts when it comes to MONEY...

so.. before all of these stress comes.. let me enjoy few weeks of freedom and also relax myself with family, friends and also the loved one.

the first outing after the final paper is with the gals.. jiawen and candy.. actually we were suppose to join sherlin and the gang for karaoke.. but they canceled it so its just the 3 of us.. we did went for karaoke though.. although its just the 3 of us.. =) i appreciate the time we spend together.. when will be our next gathering? all of us will not know.. we took some pictures together too with jiawen's new baby.. Canon G11..

candy and carmen..

never forget you..

and of course candy too.. thanks to both of you coz you all helped me so much in FYP and not to forget the studies we did for final exam.. =D

after this outing, we went for campus shoot in MMU.. jiawen, candy, kahkin, alice, me and my bf went for the shooting... will seriously miss the time we spent together during uni time and also places we have our classes.. =)

look forward and never look back..

On the next day.. me and candy thought of making a birthday gift to jiawen.. where her birthday falls on 16th of May. We handmade a birthday card and also baked muffins for her.. =D hope she likes what we made for her.. because it can't be purchased from outside..

this is the front of the card

and this is the back of the card.. our wishes.. =) so prettily done i must say.. lol.. coz its candy's idea..
this is the apricot muffins.. baked by me and helped by candy..=)

before going for jiawen's birthday celebration gathering, me and my bf went to Wok and Pan to indulge their Honey BBQ Pork Rib which is damn delicious and difficult to express the deliciousness.. haha.. pork is so soft and tender with its special sauce.. it is a must to try when you go to Wok and Pan, Melaka Raya.

went to stadhuys for a snap moment of photo shooting..
and then headed to Pillow Bar..
hope you like it.. though the price is not expensive, but the card and muffins comes with a true sincere heart from me and candy.. :)

Next is the marketing gathering at Madam Zaharah's place.. madam's house is very beautiful and very relaxing.. love the environment in her house so much.. =)
me and classmate Wayne at Madam's living room..

me and shuying..=)

me and besttie..
with lovely Madam Zaharah.. thanks for teaching me marketing.. I have learned alot from your classes madam.. thank you very much..
wishing all my classmates and friends who are in strategic marketing class could have a good job in future.. I miss the Tuesday morning class so much where I feel that all of us are like a family..
good luck to all.. =)

After Madam Zaharah's gathering and also farewell for her (as she is leaving MMU right after we graduate), the next place to go is to Cameron Highlands! Gosh.. its my first time in 22 years to visit Cameron Highlands.. and i think Cameron is awesome.. maybe is because of the fun and adventure from the jungle trekking experience (^.^) on the first day, we started our journey at 5am, sitting the most sempit bus ever.. Transnasional double decker express bus.. to Kuala Lumpur.. the bus is damn stuffy until I think that I'm out of breath.. OMG! then reached KL around 8.30 and we took the 9am bus to Cameron Highlands.. the winding road to Cameron is damn sickening as it lasts for almost an hour to reach the bus terminal.. love the experience in Cameron but not when on the way up there.. =(
so the first day we chose a "tour company" which is owned by the man named Balan.. he took us around in Cameron Highland with the army truck.. and its the first time for all of us to sit in army truck.. its really cool and fun.. the second day we traveled in Cameron using a land rover.. very cool car i must say.. haha..
well.. first day we visited the rose centre and we climbed to the highest point.. the view from the highest point is so beautiful and breezy..

upon arrival at the first destination.. the rose centre!
this is the view from the highest point in rose centre..
and i fell in love with this beautiful flower.. the color is unique and sharp.. like me.. haha.. no la.. its actually very nice because i like the blue color.. from the picture it looks like fake flowers because rarely we can see real flowers has the blue color like this in the florist..
this is also in the rose centre.. hehe.. funny expression by all!
the "rose rose I love you" picture.. lol...

next we went to Strawberry farm.. the strawberries aren't that sweet as expected.. but somehow it is sweeter compared to the one selling in Jaya Jusco..

after the strawberry farm visit, Balan left us and his worker did the following tour guiding.. his name is Li.. and he has a very good driving skill.. especially when entering the jungle with the land rover.. superb!

our final photo with Balan..

and the last place to visit for the first day will be the chinese temple.. hehe.. we energized our body on the first day first.. because second day needs lots and lots of energy to move on.. haha..

on the second day.. first we went to the native village..its just a short trip to the native village where we saw native kids there.. and also Li showed us the way native people hunt for food in jungle.. lol..
me and dear in native village
the funny expression he gave.. as he always has the most comfortable seat in all of the cars.. and he is known as the PR.. haha

after visiting the village, this is it..the time to go into the jungle.. it is my first time.. and i did not dare to expect how it will be before experiencing it.. going up halfway with a land rover is damn exciting.. imagine like you are in a roller coaster but without turning upside down.. haha..
actually the main purpose up there is to see the world largest flower.. which is the Raflessia..
the first time i experience jungle trekking and it was fantastic.. at first i had the thought that why pay money and be so tired walking up and down in the jungle? by the way, the journey from going up to see the flower and also coming back down is almost 3 hours.. but when i finished the whole journey.. i feel that it is very satisfying.. and at least i have the experience and know what it is like.. so people out there.. i recommend you to at least try once in jungle trekking in your entire life.. =)
this is it.. Rafflesia..
me and dear.. and our tiring face..

and after ending the trek,
the land rover gave us problem.. where the engine is too hot.. and water boiling.. Li told us that the age of this land rover is older than his own age.. 0.0 so everyone waited patiently and some even fell asleep because it is very very tiring..

after that we went to Boh Tea Centre and it is where the Malaysian gets their tea leaves from..
nice place to work i must say.. haha.. the environment is so cooling and windy..

we then ended our second day around 5pm because it was raining at that moment we ended the Boh Tea factory...
this is our final picture with Li.. our tour guide and driver to all places.. =)

last but not least.. our dinner for both days.. which is steamboat..
having steamboat in Cameron is the bestest thing to eat.. u feel so comfortable eating steamboat because the weather in Cameron is cold.. and the price is also very reasonable.. RM14 per pax and vegetables are allowed to refill for FREE~!!
haha.. that ended our holidays in Cameron Highlands for 3 days 2 nights.. i really enjoy this trip so much.. muah..

next after the Cameron Trip, I have been called up by Public Bank for interview in KL.. and so coincidentally my sister is doing sales call in KL.. so I went up with her and stayed with her for 5 days 4 nights.. nothing much but just visiting companies and keep on going to Pavillion after all things had settled.. i must say that KL is still very hectic for me.. and i shall still stick on my own decision to work in Malacca first.. hehe..
after that KL trip, I went JB to visit my bf and his family.. and it was a short 2 days 1 night trip..
and after JB trip, I went up to KL again for a one day trip with Xia, Xinhui and Mayhua.. meeting up Seet Hoong there... we name this trip as Ecosystem group.. coz xia= prawn, xinhui=penguin, mayhua=flower, me=tree, and seethoong=bear.. so animals + plants = ecosystem.. lol

we started our journey to KL around 10am.. right after mayhua and xinhui ate their breakfast at McDonald's. and approximately 56 minutes, we reached Sg. Besi tol due to the speed that we can't feel in xia's Serena. lol.. met up Seet Hoong at Petronas and headed to Sunway Pyramid.. we were at Sunway Pyramid from morning 11am til night 9pm.. lol.. how did we spend our time there?
firstly, we went for lunch at Bubba Gump

may came to join us too.. because she was too bored in Puchong.. haha.. glad u joined us may.. I missed u dearly since we last met.. at least a gathering before we start moving to working life..
this is what we ordered and shared together.. seafood cheesy rice..
cajun chicken..
and fish fillet with fries.. filled up our tummy and then went walking around in the mall for 3 hours.. and went to OLE OLE BALI for "high tea" at 3.30pm..

actually the main purpose for all of them to visit ole-ole bali is because of me i guess.. haha.. because i am the one who is craving for this!! their squid salad.. its very appetizing because it is sour and a lil spicy with refreshing lime and vegetables.. slurrpp..
and a refreshing glass of barley lime.. niceee.. thumbs up..

i wish that i can visit Ole Ole Bali again next time.. its so nice..

for dinner, we went to..
as suggested by MayHua.. previously i've seen their deco just in pictures.. but at last i get to experience how nice it is.. their decorations are cute and has Korean style.. the shop is painted all white as well..=)

black pepper chicken.. all of us ordered the same.. haha

picture of us at Full House..

Mayhua actually suggested that we buy a photo frame at Sunway and then print the pictures straightaway and frame it in the photo frame.. all together 5 sets which goes to each one each.. hehe.. and it came out to be like this..
cute photo frame and nice picture.. love u gals so much.. when will be our next gathering like this again? no one knows.. and I truly truly appreciate and treasure every moment with you all..

Ended my trips as above and today results of previous semester was released. i was damn nervous as I keep on checking the results.. and finally.. I am a first class degree holder.. and I am proud of myself for making it happen.. and also thanks to jiawen and candy which u both helped me alot in studies.. especially in FYP where i was so down.. thank you very very much! hehe..
so now its time to find a good job because i owned good results.. =)

and I would liked to wish congratulations for those who has good results and pass all subjects in order to graduate in time.. and good luck in your future job.. :)