Wednesday, December 5, 2007

just after mid term

just finished my mid term exam..

i've been waitin for this moment for quite long already..
so stress on microeconomics wei..
i was in d lib this whole day..
and was with marianne, ching ching and ivan..
4 of us was like very stressed and blur of the statements and tutorial answers..
thank god the exam wasnt that tough la..
its quite easy though..
but somehow mayb i couldn't turn 360 degrees to seach for the clues or answers in my brain..
sigh.. economics ended at 9.30pm..
me and marianne rushed down to dataran to collect her esprit bag..
luckily they havent close..
haha.. and we went for "dinner" kononnyer..
but actually is counted as supper la..
and we talked and talked.. laughed and laughed..
like nobody's business..
i just like the way we communicate..
its like just laugh out everything and talk everything i want..
hope our friendship lasts~!!
love ya m'anne!!
friends forever "darling"... aahahaha...

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