Sunday, December 30, 2007


busy days come by..
i havent been updating my blog for quite a period already..
and as i had promised before..
i'll update some of ching ching's birthday pixxies and pixxies from portueguesse settlement..
we went red square to celebrate ching's birthday.. as she has waited for this moment for very long.. every time she will tell me her mouth is very itchy..
haha.. so now we grant her wish..

me and ivan dueting..

just the 4 of us in red square, ching, chun whye, ivan and me.. others all FFK us !!!

but never mind. as long as we enjoyed, i am satisfied.. after karaoke, we decided to go carry on steamboat buffet.. and another person came.. that is.. taadaa... XINHUI.

honestly.. i've never been to carry on steamboat before.. dont ask me why.. but i think its quite reasonable in price.. rm16 i think.. and u can eat all u want.. yeah!!

after steamboat.. we actually have the plan to go pure bar.. but then xinhui die die also wont wanna step in to pure bar.. so we went portueguess settlement.. and dun laugh at me.. its also my first time to portueguess settlement for christmas decorations and celebration..

my god.. all those houese are like muzium u know ? people are standing outside their gate and snapping picts..

this is one of those muzium houses..

xinhui and me..

me and lil xmas tree.. XOXO

when 12am comes.. happy birthday to you ching ching.. wish u all the best in studies and always happy.. ^_^

that's few picts for ching's birthday celebration..

now i've been spending my days in the library due to dead final exams arrival.. lucky thing that i have 2 subjects only.. and also now im attach to my loverboy.. hehe..

days in library with my lover notes and loverboy ^_^

i'll be with u no matter what!! =) good luck in ur exam dear.. i will support u all the way!

sorry for all the late updates as now final exam is suffocating me and also with the renovations in my room.. mades me moodless to update.. ^_^

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