Tuesday, January 1, 2008

happy new year 2008

first of all.. happy new year 2008 to everyone..
hope everything gets smoothly and good luck in career and studies through the years ahead..
i think most of u all there have a chance to celebrate and have a great time counting down for the new year..
well.. my new year nite was kinda unique i assume..
haha.. i did not went out last nite and what i did was sleep..
my loverboy did not want to go out yesterday nite because he has to study for the coming final exam paper..
so.. i did not went anywhere though..
just received new year sms and calls..
but i hope after the finals.. i can get the chance to do what i have not done in new year's eve..
was kinda dissapointed and sad for the bored nite..
but i understand the situation that my loverboy is going through.. =)

all the best everyone in the last final paper.

Happy 2008

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jijitankyy said...

So unfortunately u have to postpone your happiness.Ha but tat is still fine.You can have a overwhelming celebration after the exam~!
GOodluck ~~