Saturday, January 12, 2008


hey yo peeps.. how have u all been doin for the sem break?
i havent been updating here for quite sometime even though now its sem break season..
hmm.two things.. firstly, i came back from the kl trip already, and secondly now im not staying in my house..
its because of the renovations that are still goin on there...
i'm kinda excited to see the "newly" build kitchen and the new tiles upstairs..
i believe my room will be nicer 10 times than before..
okay.. so now im stayin bout a week in my dad's fren's place..
everyday same routine.. wake up, eat, watch tv, online and sleep..
haha.. lucky thing i can be back home by next wednesday...
no place would be better than home..
i miss my bed and pillow.. almost 2 weeks din get to hug 'em..
besides missing my pillow.. im missing my dear alot too...
hehe.. hope that he misses me too in JB..
lookin forward to meet u again in week 3 of sem break..
well.. now i dun have my usb cable or picts to update bout kl trip..
hope that i could update it when i get back to home..
i miss all of u there... especially my dearest sis that i din see her almost 2 weeks.. hope things would go on smoothly and we would meet up again at HOME..
til then.. sayonara^_^ =P

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