Thursday, February 14, 2008

long time no see blog..

a BIG warm hello to everyone...

its been a month i havent update anythin in here...
due to some technical problems..
and also due to my laziness...
too many things to be done recently..
there's many things i've left out recently during chinese new year...(i.e. friends and family)
this year's chinese new year was pretty simple..
but the total $$ amount of ang pao i received this year was awesome...
haha.. i have more assets wit me now..
its a good thing...
first day of chinese new year... at cheng hoon teng temple..

sister, uncle, cousin and me..


me..sis and cousin caryn.. i love this picture.. feels like in china.. haha..

this semester im holding 7 subjects.. i hope i can really cope with it.. 7 subjects isn't that easy as ABC... uncountable assignments and tutorials plus mid term exams.. time flies and just a snap, exam week's will soon arrive.. fast like an airplane.. or i should said jetplane.. now places that i'd wished to go, i've already went.. clubbing and karaoke.. i am satisfied now and i'm ready to hit the target for that blardy 7 subjects.... hectic semester indeed..!

what i am waiting now is for valentine's day.. tomorrow will be my first valentine's day ever.. i can't wait for it.. and perhaps being curious on the process of our valentine's nite...haha..

so i'll stop here and continue bout the valentine's day thingy in the next post.. i wish every couple here a happy romantic valentines day and those who are not couples... u can celebrate too with ur closest friends or u can even have small suprises for the person that you admire or like.. hehe.. ^^

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