Friday, February 15, 2008

my first valentines..

happie valentines day to every couples out there..
to be frank.. yesterday was my first v day date for my entire 20 years..
haha.. pathetic? whatever..
okay.. we start up with our dinner at The Senses Restaurant..
located somewhere around wings cafe..
i like the environment as it brings up the romantic atmosphere..

the curtains divides each table.. i couldnt manage to capture many picts as my lousy phone camera doesnt owns high megapixels to capture a nice picture...

a tea light candle on the table..

our drink.. fruity taste and brings a lil taste of ginger ale.. bf said was nice.. haha.. me? i've no comment on it..

okay.. we'll start the course meal by the starter.. that's the salad..prawns and smoked salmon salad.. nice~!! i like the taste of smoked salmon although im not a fan of salmons.. in fact, i don't like salmon at all.. but this one taste good!!

next its the soup..this should be tomato soup i guess.. or can be called as borsh soup.. just like the "lo song thong" at kim gary..

next up is the main course.. taddaa.. this is seabass topped with grape fruit.. combination of the sweet grape fruit with the taste of freshness of the fish.. really taste very good.. my bf had this dish..

this is what i had.. grilled honey chicken... i like the saute potatoes.. very tasty..

and lastly the dessert.. the 2 thingy there i've no idea what izzit.. but its cocoa flavoured with a lil mushy consistency.. not bad..

the set meal per pax is rm68 nett.. i should rate this restaurant 7/10. the environment and service is good.. but the space in this restaurant is rather small and pack.. if the restaurant is bigger and tables are placed in a spacious order.. it would be much more better..

oh ya.. there's a door gift for valentines couples..couples' mug.. =)

Senses restaurant: No 67, Jalan Melaka Raya 24, Taman Melaka Raya, 75000 Melaka.
contact number: 06-2882585
contact person: miss juliet

next on.. both of us went to The Jetty.. recently i've heard from friends that there's a new place for ktv near there.. which is called GOGO ktv box.. price is rather cheap and worth it.. another new place for karaoke besides red square.. haha.. nice environment coz its located near the straits of melaka.. and u can have the nice sea view there.. sounds cool huh.. hehe.. me and bf planned to take a look there and we wanted to sing.. unfortunately, all rooms are fully booked.. sad case.. sigh.. never mind.. there will sure be a next time.. =)

me and bf at the jetty..

a very formal posture my dear.. haha.
us.. =P

after that.. we decided to have some alcohols to get the tip tippy tipsy feelin.. haha.. geographer's cafe came up in my mind..geo's cafe upstairs view..

i had blue lagoon..

and he had geographer's delight.

my v day gift.. charmbracelet that i wanted for so long.. thanks dear.. ^^
roses from my dear.. hehe

camwhore.. hehe.. im really happy with it.. thanks dear.. lovessssss ^^

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