Wednesday, February 27, 2008

kl=shopping... AGAIN!!

hahahahaha.. i think i've abandon my blog for quite a while already.. and needed an update for it..

here it comes..
sister asked me to follow her to KL because she wanted to meet up her college peers but her bf wasnt able to follow her.. so i just tag along.. its on last saturday and sunday and i din even have the chance to study for the quiz and mid term that will be held on yesterday which is tuesday and today.. which is wednesday.. haha.. luckily the quiz was quite simple but the mid term.. erm.. no comment on it..
well.. we started our journey from melaka bout 11am.. and reached kl bout 12 stg.. checked in cititel which is the mid valley hotel.. and then straight away headed for our lunch at mid valley.. thinking of what to eat.. suddenly my sister came up with an idea to go MADAM KWAN's... both of us had this NASI BOJARI.. which is my first time trying it.. because it's my first time dining in at MADAM KWAN's..
this is NASI BOJARI which serves with such a big piece of chicken drumstick, beef rendang which its meat is so tender and also sambal prawns that its prawns is so fresh and crunchy.. yum.. rm20.50.. (most expensive nasi lemak that i've eaten)

next on.. we went shopping around mid valley and i found this super cute top from ZARA..
its a "mouth top" which its shape is 2D type.. like it so much.. i heard from the sales assistant that this top had just arrived on that day itself.. cool stuff man~!!then after shopping in mid valley.. we went to pavillion.. because my sis had promised to meet her friends there.. pavillion is quiute nice and i like its way of arranging the escalator.. very unique.. so we went to TONY ROMA's steak house which is located at the food republic.. we didn't order any main dishes as our stomachs' are still bloated with nasi bojari.. haha.. we had apple crumble pie which is so damn freaking sweet that makes us feel so "geli" to have more of it.. but the service there is quite good..
then we saw there's so long Q where its a cafe named J Co donuts.. my sis told me that its very famous among KL ppl.. and she saw it advertised in a tv programme before.. so.. we decided to waste our precious time and Q up for 1 hour to buy half dozen of their donut.. the glacie donut is the original flavour donut.. is like crunch in the outside and soft in the inner part.. nice texture..

after that we went back to our hotel and its about 9pm.. and yet my sis insisted to go to mid valley again.. we went to jusco to actually buy mineral water and see what sushi thingy that we can get in there.. BUT!!.. our naughty eyes cant let us go by seeing those japanese snacks that we couldnt get in tempting.. so.. apa lagi? buy and buy and buy.. like no need money.. haha.. i bought a bento also for dinner.. this is it.. not really nice la.. maybe because its cold already.. the rice is too soft..
then we went back to the hotel.. and enjoyed our yummy yummy thingy.. feels like in heaven.. ahhhhh...wahahahaha..

day 2:
mission: finish shopping in mid valley and go back home after lunch..

time passed real fast.. its the second day.. and we had our breakfast at 龙的传人 restaurant at the lobby of cititel.. i've been telling my sis that i wanna eat that before we reach KL.. haha.. because i really miss the siew long pao (小笼包) alot.. their 小笼包 inside there's soup.. and u have to eat it very carefully because its so damn hot.. haha.. and what i had for breakfast was the 海鲜拉面汤(seafood ramen) which its seafood consist of prawns, fish and SCALLOP!! very very fresh.. and the soup taste so sweet and light..the noodles are very tender and the texture is very spongy and springy.. whatever u call it.. haha.. i din took the picture of it.. because i cant resist the food and forgot about capturing its picture..

after eating, we walked around mid valley and sis went in to BOBBI BROWN.. sat down there for quite long.. and at last she bought make up worth rm946.. my gosh.. i can use that money to buy a handphone ler.. haha... damn exp..

and before we left KL, we decided to have our lunch first.. walked around and saw TONY ROMA's again.. ok lor.. yesterday din get to eat main course.. we'll give it a try today.. but before goin in.. we saw BIG APPLE DONUT which i think its quite similar to J CO donuts that we bought from Pavillion.. here it is.. she bought 1 dozen for her bf and i bought 1 dozen for my dear.. =)
then in TONY ROMA's.. both of us ordered the same thing.. that is the pan seared cod fish with black sesame.. the portion is very big and suits those who has big appetites.. haha.. the side item i chose was the corn and the baked potato..

and so both of us went back to melaka and need to start a busy day back on monday.. sigh.. what a tired weekend.. but at least i get to enjoy.. and got 1 mng bag, 1 cardigan from ZARA and 1 cool mouth top also from ZARA.. ^^

muah* lurves.. =)

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jijitankyy said...

i also went last weekend.
Saw the long Q at J.Co Donut and we give up to buy.

But now when look at ur photos.abit regret~~~