Friday, December 21, 2007

mayhua's birthday

mayhua's birthday gathering dinner held at xia's father's shop..
lu yeh yen..
actually i was pretty sick that nite..
was suffering from bad flu and sore throat..
and i have the intention to not attend this dinner..
haha.. *sorry mayhua*
but at last also i went laa..
coz xinhui insist me to go..
so i tag along~
dinner was pretty awesome.. there's prawns and crab..
but i ate 1 prawn and 0 crab..
because of the sore throat..
hmm.. unfortunately..
good flower will not bloom always, good sight will not appear always..
i saw someone that i really hated so much and i dun ever wanna see his face again~!!
ahh.. just forget bout that freakin thing la..
we continue with our dinner...
and we took lots of pictures..
mayhua's birthday cake..
ching ching's birthday was celebrated together also, because her bday and mayhua's birthday is just 5 days difference..

all of us together..

sibeh kelian chun whye..haih.. everyone bullying him except me.. see how good am i? haha

dont move or i'll shoot.. LOL.. so kesian..

and more funny picts comin...
gosh.. i cant believe i possed like dat~!! imagine all d people sitting outside the restaurant there lookin at us posing this innocent or u call it childish pose... *blush*shoot shoot the frogs...

after we left.. we decide to have a walk.. since most of us havent been to the newly built sg melaka walk.. so we went there to have a look.. suprisingly, the view was nice and looked like as if im not in melaka.. mayb somewhere in paris or rome.. haha.. nah.. just kidding.. nite view at sungai melaka was awesome, but the scent of the river was pretty aweful!! isshh..

nice rite?

me and ching ching.. hehe.. smiles... this pict looks very artistic to me la.. the lighting is so nice.. has the vintage look.. i hope i was the model in the picture.. sigh.. last pict for the nite... i've no idea why xia wants me to point at the fruit.. haha..

more picts to come for ching ching's birthday celebration and christmas decorations at portuguess settlement.. hehe

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