Thursday, November 29, 2007

weee... shopping spree

class 8-10 and 10-12.. non stop for 4 hours..
haha.. nah.. actually is 3 hours only la..
dr elsadig let us off earlier by 1 hour..
came back home bout 11.30, and prepare for my shoaping~~
haha.. talkin bout shopping, its a normal women's all time favorite activity to be done..
actually today is the day for bonuslink card holders to catch their golden opportunity to grab the goods from parkson.. 50% discount lerr!!
and can u imagine? my sis took leave for today just because of this!!sigh.. speechless =.=
but its very worth buying today.. because after u purchase, u still can go and collect the voucher, and purchase again.. its like.. will never ending purchase and collecting.. hahahaha..
but of course.. its tiring la.. goin upstairs, Q up, and go downstairs again..
sigh, actually i did not get anythin worth it from parkson also..
bought few piece of lingeries from there..
my sis bought few things from YSL.. its bout rm700+.. fuhh.. so exp huh..
but with the voucher, so its bout 600+ la..
got 2 sets of free gifts from YSL.. and she gave it to me a few of it.. haha..
tadaa, so nice rite?.. brush set.. the casing is nice..

and this eyeliner pencil from YSL.. free.. worth rm 62+!

went to sis told me she has her bday discount for padini member card, and gonna expired soon.. so i was delighted and bought myself 2 pairs of vincci..

39.90.. after discount bout 27+.. cheap huh?

flip flops.. 26.50.. but after discount, 18+.. haha.. damn cheap.

a simple top from seed for rm39
and at last i got myself a pair of fake eyelashes.. from the face shop.. rm8.90 only..haha.. i hope i could make it to put on properly~

oppssiee.. my bad la... mid term exam is on next monday and tuesday... and i still can take my own sweet time in the mall.. ahaha.. who cares? hmm.. i shud be studyin now ad.. haha.. amitofo..


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