Sunday, November 18, 2007

happy yet sad

satisfied of what i've done..
at least i've no regrets in life..
but yet i've gained pain.
i just dunno how to describe it, but i felt that im really a loser in this kinda thing..
maybe what i've done couldn't satisfy you..
and that does not bring any meaning for you..
im alrite with it..
old phrase from myself.. "life goes on"
i wanna use every minute that i have on studies,
without thinkin bout this matter..
i hope i can..
well.. christmas is comin so soon..
its like a month more to go..
i really wanna celebrate it with someone that i thought is really meaningful.
guess that i've to overcome that feelin over and over again when every occasion comes..
that really sucks..and i dun wanna be LONELY~

and just this another thing happened to me..
coz its dad's birthday..
and some misunderstanding/arguement or whatever u call it..
between my sis and dad..
and im always the middle person..
who always need to hear them bla bla bla bout each other..
im so sick of this larghh..
why this family gotta be like this?
forever cant come along well...


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