Thursday, November 1, 2007

day out!!

31st october... we've been waitin for this day to come.. since august 31st..
know whats the reason? muahahaha..
its because of......
this... haha.. baskin robbins.. 31% discount for every 31st of each month..

just 1 scoop... definitely satisfies my taste bud.. haha.. ice cream really makes me feel happy.. especially if i get baskin robbins or haagen dazs..

today's day out is kinda fun.. went ktv again today, and this time is my first time with mayhua.. and also with xinhui and xia..

and i've also bought a dress that i wanted so much.. haha..


and besides that.. xin hui has got a new hair style..

see.. short hair already.. haha

actually is a fake short hair la.. her long hair was stuffed inside using hair clips..the hairdresser gave her an idea of how she will looked like if she's in short hair.. call it... pre-look for short hair.. haha..

waitin for 2 months more for another baskin robbins.. haha..

results are all out already.. and im quite satisfied of what i've got.. maybe i didn't really put an effort.. but i managed to get better than my entire foundation's semesters.. must work hard for next sem's.. yeah~

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