Tuesday, October 30, 2007

when i mean short.. its reallllyy S.H.O.R.T

omg... i want my hair back...
maybe i wanna look "fresh"..
so i always wanted to change my hairstyle and give myself a new look..
so i went to the saloon this afternoon.. to get a haircut before the next sem starts..
the first cut.. i saw.. he cut off bout 3 inches..
and my previous hair style was already quite short..
the results that i got in the end... was.. absolutely damn freakin SHORT!!
i was like... stunned.. and keep on complaining to my sis..
its like... anita mui's (mei yan fang) short hair..
as usual.. i've been in short hair for bout a year i guess..
and im used to it..
but.... this length... i really cant accept it!!
sigh... i hope it would grow longer when it comes to next monday..
and looked better compared to now..
arrgghhh!! im frustrated!
i miss the old hair..

i love this instead of.... this (below)

mama mia... anita mui wannabe.... hohohoho.... im really sad okay!!

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