Sunday, October 28, 2007

im back!!

LOL.. im back.. not from vacation.. but from my online presence..
haha.. just because of the god damn modem... sigh...
what i've been doin these pass few weeks of holidays?
hmm... sittin at home, facing the tv, living without internet for approximately 4 days, and climbing hill at the evening for the week days..
nothin to be updated.. just the moto GP picts that i havent uploaded here..
talkin of moto GP, it was really a great one..
its my first time there though, i love the speed and the sound of the motorcycles..
im not really into it, but i'll just take it as an experience..
when the race starts.. i found another purpose why i'm there..
hmm... there's a lot of ang moh en tau ba there for me to wash my eyes... huhuhu.. hahaha
so,the race started with 125CC, then 500 CC and at last 1000CC..
valentino rossi was on the 1000CC race.. but he did not managed to get the first place instead of the 5th place... stoner got the first place..

this is the ticket.. RM40 for student price.. normal price is RM80

nice bike huh..

sepang F1 circuit grand stand

before the race starts..

did not managed to capture pictures when the race starts, because the speed is about 300 km/h..

so... now what im waiting for is the upcoming final exam results.. haha.. a lil bit curious and nervous.. well.. any how.. have to accept the truth.. a week to go then the classes will start as usual.. looking forward to meet back friends and jimuis..

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