Friday, October 19, 2007

im still not bored

sem break had just passed only a week.. and yet i thought its already the second week.. when i saw the calendar, we're only on the first week of semester break.. but luckily.. i'm not bored of it yet.. still enjoyin'... LOL.
so lets start the activity that i did today..
suddenly baking came up in my mind this afternoon after hiking hill.. LOL.. (its my second time actually.. and this time its with may hua, and i think climbing the BB hill is really very fun.. love it)
oops.. ok.. continue with the baking thing..
so i flippped few pages of recipe book that i have.. turned to the cornflakes cookies page.. because there's few boxes of cornflakes at home.. then my sis came and told me that we'd more biscuits to finish and suggested me to bake muffins..
LOL.. so after buying those ingredients from JJ, start preparing the ingredients for my so called strawberry muffins.. haha.. actually the original recipe should be apricot muffins..

this is the cake batter.. with the ingredients..

and this is it.. taadaa... "strawberry muffins"

after baking.. mayhua text me.. ask me out for siham at bunga raya, and of coz without hesitating, i agreed.. xinhui came along too... sigh.. the 3 of us, being a malaccan, haven't tried before this famous delicacy that exist in the malacca town.. bunga raya..

this is the siham..

this is the lala..

and this is the sauce to match with the siham and lala... quite dark the picture.. actually its sauce is reddish color.. nice.. the siham and lala is actually steamed/boiled.. not sure.. but its warm when its served.and we ordered this "wu xiang" (tau kua, tau kee and fish cake)

all together is rm13.20 for 3 drinks, 2 plate lala, 1 plate siham and 1 plate wu xiang.. quite reasonable price i assume.. haha.. there will sure be the second time for me..

this is how the stall looks like.. people sitting small stool eating siham and lala..
and its recognize by the whole malaysia now.. haha..

after lala'ing.. we decided to have a drink.. mayhua suggested friends cafe.. and yea.. its my second time to friends cafe this week.. i guess me and mayhua are addicted to the "milky pinky". 3 milky pinkies here.. LOL.. love it ler.. muaks.. so we wrapped off and left friends cafe bout 11pm.. its freakin cold there.. haha.. xoxo

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catherine said...

look like ur holidays is quite fun le, me so boring~~~~~~~~
stay happy ya^^