Saturday, October 6, 2007

next destination

-Dinner session-

location: jonker walk
time: 7.30pm
duration: approximately 3 hours
crew involved: xia, xinhui, ching ching, catherine, ivan, MAY HUA and me..


after the ktv session, our next destination will be jonker walk..
searchin for the sushi there.. for dinner..
their sushi taste good and u all should try..

before the sushi arrive..

ivan ar.. dun sleep ar.. exam week is very tired indeed.. haha

no more to say.. makan dulu..

sushi palette.. haha.. i forget its name ad..

this is fruit maki.. my favourite.. banana and mango at the outside layer.. apple and friend tempura powder in the inside layer..

tamago sushi and tuna sushi

pinky sushi.. sakura denbu.. not bad, not bad..

unagi temaki..
egg mayo sushi and chuka hotate.. (baby octopus)

salmon sushi..

i know what're u thinkin and so do u.. we can just simply read each other's mind..

before we leave..

** to be continued..

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