Saturday, October 13, 2007

concern about your health.. "to soy or not to soy?"

Soy is often touted as the magic food. The isoflavones in it, it is claimed, can lower cholesterol, prevent prostate and breast cancer, ward off osteoperosis, aid weight loss, pay your mortgage … you get the drift. Many companies selling soy substitutes to meat makes these claims, as do those who advocate soymilk as a substitute for cow’s milk.
Then, there is the
counter-charge by those who claim that the estrogen-like effects of isoflavones can actually stimulate the growth of breast cancer cells, and affect cognitive functions.
Who’s right? Both are partly right and/or partly wrong, states nutritionist and
Eat To Live guru Dr. Joel Fuhrman.

" There are two contradictory claims being made about soy. One is that soy is protective against breast cancer and should be recommended for consumption by healthy women and breast cancer patients. The other is that soy is harmful for women with a history of or at high risk for breast cancer and because of this should be avoided by such women. There is actually a lack of convincing evidence to endorse either claim. Beans in general have dramatic benefits to protect against breast cancer. A healthy diet includes a variety of beans, and not a disproportionate share of calories from any one food. Some soy beans or tofu added to a healthy diet should not be expected to be a risk or offer significant benefit…..
Soy may not be a super-food (such as broccoli) but the preponderance of evidence does not suggest that eating moderate amounts of unprocessed (edamame or soy beans) or lightly processed (tofu or soy milk) soy creates hypothyroidism or causes cancer. Processed foods, because of their low nutrient levels, high amount of salt, acrylamides and other toxic additives should not be considered healthy. Vegetarians and vegans who eat tofu-turkey, soy burgers, soy ice cream, soy hot dogs, soy cheese and other soy-derived processed foods on a regular basis are certainly not eating a healthy diet" (Dr Joel Fuhrman)

harvested, unprocessed soya beans

Simply stated, if you want the real health benefits of soy,

1. Consume unprocessed or slightly processed soy products (like shelled edamame, tofu, soymilk and soy yogurt)
2. Buy organic. 80% of the soy grown in the U.S. is genetically modified, and involves the use of toxic pesticides and chemicals. Organic soy is safer.
3. Avoid sodium-laden processed soy products like soy burgers and tofurky-type things that have a lower nutrient density.
4. Avoid isolated soy protein in the form of powders and shakes.
5. Don’t go overboard. Limit quantities to two to three times a week.

ladies out there.. prevent is better than to cure.. be aware from breast cancer!

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