Saturday, October 6, 2007

last destination for the nite

-Yam Cha session-
location: wings music cafe
time: 10.45pm
duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes


after dinner and shopping at jonker walk.. we planned for a place to cool down our body temperature..
hot weather with so many people body rubbing at jonker walk.. like sardin in the can..eww.
wings cafe would be our ideal place to dry those sweats..
mayhua did not followed us there..
mayb she cant be back home late..

love this pict.. me and xinhui.

*kawaii girls*

bie and cath

i like the basket of light at the right side..

me and my best academic partner.. hehe

yea its blur.. the worker's photography skills aint good..

we sat there for quite long.. cam whoring the whole nite.. and we sat just infront of the singers.. they might think that we're crazee la.. and guess what, cath came and told me that one of the singer.. didnt close his bird cage.. means that, he din zip up his pants.. lol.. after few rounds of "cho dai di".. we bet that if who lose the game, he/she have to tell the guy that he did not zip up his pants.. at the end, ivan went and told the guy about it..bcoz he was the one who lose the most in the game.. hahhaa.. what a nite..

i think that because of this outing, makes my study mood fly away.. cant wait for the upcoming holidays.. needa get back my beauty sleep.. BIM paper i totally gave up.. lets just see how well can i get when the results are released.. hahaha

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catherine said...

happy in that whole day~~ ^^