Saturday, September 29, 2007

dayz in D library...

i've been in the library like for the whole weekend..
and all of us strive for the final exams...
mostly everyday i go, i see the same people..
on this particular day, 27th sept.. its the most exciting library day i can say..
mayb its because of the presence of may hua...
she likes to take alot alot of picts..haha

do i look like im serious in it?

xinhui with her colorful notes..

may hua serious studyin..

lunch at tong shui house..

some random pict of me took by mayhua..

and for dinner... this is really GOOD..

pasar borong assam pedas... hahaha

and this is the first time trying longan tau foo fa... very nice! worth trying..may hua ordered it!

high satisfaction... it was really gud!

hehe.. another pict in lib after dinner..

after a fun day in library for the whole day, the next day dinner was even more amazing.. look what i've got here..

renaissance hotel seafood buffet day!! haha

taadaa.... by the way.. its my first time trying fresh oyster... to me.. its very... slimy yucky.. haha

lovely seafood..

my first attempt for lil small oyster.. aint gettin more of it...

sigh... this week is really a stressful week and weekend.. i so wanna have mayhua's feelin of holiday.. haha.. after those stressful days.. i'm gonna play and relax like no one else can... wahahahaha... wish everyone good luck in finals and may god bless u all..


jijitankyy said...

Waoh.The flow goes like this>Study>eat>study>eat.
not bad.Apart from studying, it is great to relax our mind with good foods..NIce~~!

b i e said...

yea yea... good food can release tension.. haha