Thursday, September 20, 2007

happy sweet 19th

im older a year already.. and its still SWEET 19 for me.. haha
we actually went for dinner at asian havana..
thanks for ya'll peeps(xia, renate, may, ching ching, chun whye, mayhua, xinhui, eeyong, jia wen, chong hong, and the 2 late comers, sam and alex..) that willing to attend this dinner..
i appreaciate it so much..
xia, may hua and me..

may renate bie

gosh.. the party faces..haha

this is my bday present from jimui.. may and renate.. like it..

mng basic from ching ching, her bf, mayhua and xinhui..

and this bday glass deco is from xia, huisan and eeyong..

and my lovely dessert... thanks to asian havana..

and this is my fav pict.. thanks to xinhui for the "45 degree"

although it wasnt a pleasing birthday for me this year..few things had happened on the birthday day itself.. and im not happy with it... but then. no matter what, i'm still grateful that i have such wonderful "players".. haha.. kidding la, its wonderful friends and my jimui.. thanks for all the presents and the fun we had yesterday.. i truly appreaciate it from the bottom of my heart... muaks....

more pixxies comin soon**

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