Friday, September 7, 2007

FLooDy fRiday

early in the mornin get up very early for the purpose to be the earliest Q to pay fees at CIMB in mmu..
when i reached there bout 8.50am, the Q is alrdy until the insurance booth there..
fuuu... i stand there bout 1 hour 10 minutes to reach until my turn..
came back bout 10.30.. din continue to sleep again..
then about 1.30, it started to rain very heavily.. so i sms renate and ask her to fetch me for class..
waitin waitin and waitin... lagi makes me feel like closing my eyes and sleep...
so i made my decision.. not to go class..
for BMT, its my first time skipping lecture session..hehe
i caught a few picts where its my opposite neighbour's house..
yea.. its flooding their house.. and their neighbour, which is mmu students residents, fold papered boats.. so cute of them laa.. somore got color.. din managed to capture that picture..was too far..

while me in my room, cant slp, end up camwhoring...very the sial..haha

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jijitankyy said...

That was a heavy and sudden rain.But it is reasonable choice to skip class la,if me I rather stay back and keep an eyes on the water so that it wont flow into the house ><

You reminded me about the MMU fees...