Thursday, September 13, 2007

shoppin alone aint fun..

loner to shop for birthday outfit?
mayb there's some misunderstandin between us?
and we cant communicate well these few days..
i want to go shopping so badly for my outfit..
but there's no one there for me to go with..
perhaps i shall ask daddy to drop me in the mall and i linger around ALONE?

now with an undescribable feelin of me writin in this blog..
there's too many things i kept inside of me..
and might explode sooner or later..
but before i explode, i hope things will be solved..
i hate to see emo faces and dark faces
everyday facing it, i feel it sucks and uneasy..
i tried to act as normal..
when u showed ur emotions..
i kept quiet and angry face..
but deep in my heart..
u wont know how do i feel.

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