Saturday, August 4, 2007

long lost post..

holla everyone.. hmmph hmmph.. recently i was really fuck up wit the pc.. sigh.. just because of the virus spread in msn.. and i hv to reformat it... damn..

by the way.. i'll still update my blog for the last week..

last week may and me stayed over at renate's place for the saturday nite..

we was eager to chill out in the bar before the day had come..

and we shifted from sunshine bar to pure bar..
3 of us were "stonning".. well..

renate cant drink coz she's drivin, i cant drink coz says cleo mag"alcohol is fattening", and left may alone..

later on.. we went to mcD for drink.. and went bac n slept bout 6am..

10am we went dim sum at renaissance..(yummy)

although is kinda bored on the clubbin nite, but i was kinda happy to hang out wit u guys.. love ya..

renate and may.. gorgeous huh...

bie heart renate..

may n me..

charlie angels?

i'm lovin it~

dim sum~licious..

cutie orangiess..muaks.