Friday, August 31, 2007

nobody's child MERDEKA nite.

august 30, 8pm. i started feeling that im a nobody's child because everyone seems to have their own plans for the nite. when i was sleepin, may called me and asked me whether i wanna join the nite in PURE, coz alex could add us in his guest list and we need not to pay RM30 for coverage fees.. i decline may's invitation because of some stupid reasons laa... sigh... i just cant understand why i felt very very very bored and lonely.. and tears could just fall like that.... mayb wat i need for that moment is someone who can be with me and accompany me the whole nite through.. well, at least my sis let me go with her for dinner and chill out in PEARL's cafe tonite.. we had our dinner and hang out there until 1.45am. not bad atmosphere with a relaxing heart while having fun playing............tadaa...monopoly...teehee....hahahahaha..

this is my first time to PEARL's cafe...

this is what i had... passion ice.

chocolate banana... taste is so so only laa...hehe... sister ordered..

this is honey dew milk shake with float... her bf's..

my mee hun kuey soup..

kung pao chicken rice..
and... lemon chicken rice.
and a side order of fried chicken..not bad...
and monopoly to keep us "alive".. haha...

see see.. these are all my asssets, capital and revenue...wahahaha...

well, we saw many mat rempits stopped by the police on the way back home...hmm hmm.. and some ppl even stand at the road side to see policeman saman those rempits...well... i'd like to wish all Malaysian a happy 50th independence day! MERDEKA!!