Wednesday, August 29, 2007

stay away from us...Ghostsss.....

due to 7th moon of chinese calendar, now it is the hungry ghost festival which all of us,

need to protect ourselves so that we can avoid any unwanted things to happen.

The idea came out from my jimui, which is MAY, to have a talisman html code in my blog...

unfortunately, we cant find any html codes for talisman, so we found some ideas for extra protection...haha

or haha...nola.. this is actually nothin to do wit guan yin ma..
i got the idea from this video.. check it out~

this is my first time ever searching for guan yin ma thingy online..

not bad, they even use e-commerce to sell their talismans.. haha..

sorry arr jimuis, there techical error and i lost our conversation and din save it,

so cant display it here...damn sayang~

oh ya, thanks to MAY... its her brilliant idea for this talisman.. haha

so ppl out there, beware for this months ghost festival, self protection is important to prevent us from unwanted "ghost".. haha... peace^_^