Sunday, August 26, 2007

T eggs..

rewind back the taste of my herbal tea eggs from last sem's PBU business project..
keke... miss it so much..

due to my unsleepy-ness.. i slept around 6.30am(sunday).. because i started cooking herbal tea eggs at 5am.

haha... am i crazee?

here's the procedure if u wanna learn to cook a pot of herbal tea eggs...hehe.

first, wash the eggs.
then cook it on the stove to hard boiled.
while waiting for the eggs to boil, mix the herbs and taste it up with salt and rock sugar.
when the eggs are hard boiled, crack its shell..
and put the eggs inside the herbs.. cook it for 4-5 hours..
unshell the eggs for my "lazee peeps.."hahahaha...taaa daa...a nice and fragrant herbal tea egg is well done.. hehe..