Friday, August 10, 2007


rain rain go away, come again another day.. thats what im singin in my heart when rain starts to pour.. because i really hate raining.. thunder and lightning too.. i dun like to be wet in the rain and might even get slipped if i'd used a slippery slipper. i would rather be in the sun.. shining with hope. but i do believe, after
the rain, there will be a friendly rainbow in the cool atmosphere...
sometimes, i really wonder what are friends..? because in my experience, there's a someone, who is very close to me before, we always hang out together, having meals, and even study together... so, i thought is really a friendship to be trusted and worthy.. after time passes, she could just slowly slowly forget bout the "tough" friendship as i thought so.. and this is because she already had bunch of new friends.. of course, i'm totally dissapointed with it.. well, lonely me for quite a few weeks, felt abandoned... and i realized one thing, that is look clearly at the "colour" of that someone before put in too much trust and hope.. even if its a future relationship partner, never ever accept or fall for someone so easily. now im having 2 new jimuis, and i hope that it wont end up like what i had before. and i hope the rainbow after the rain, symbolizes what i've gone through.. having a good one after the bad one goes away..