Monday, August 13, 2007

frustrating monday

when i woke up this mornin.. i saw the time on my mobile was 9.32.. my god! i'm late!!!!!

as usual.. i dun wanna be late where its the first day of the week and its after the mid term break..
usually i'll be up by 9am.. but i was late for 5-7 mins though...
after class, we went to library for some discussion but end up nothing coz there's inssuficient materials..
i called up to GIFT n LOGO company as i've already went there twice for the assignment's interview..
the girl still cant give me any answer when the boss is free, and i've already passed the permission letter to her when my first visit to the company.. when i called up this morning.. this was the conversation:

me: hello.. is this miss cherrie tan?
she: hello.. yea.. i am..
me: ya.. im from mmu and my name is debbie, i came by to ur office before and i wanted to do an interview with ur boss for my assignment.
she: oh.. so?
me: err.. so i would like to know when is ur boss free to do the interview and we can make an appointment.
she: oohh.. im sorry. but our boss now is at out station. i think u should find another company..
me: oh... really arr? then..... erm....
she: thank you.
me: ok bye!!

what the hell man.. her attitude.... i did not even finish my words,and she just end up with a "thank you"..
fine.. eventhough im a student, but at least show some respect and be nice..
today management class Mr Tan mentioned bout customer service..
mades me think back bout this staff... sigh...
i smsed my group leader, jesmond, and he said we'll find another company.. get back the letter from them, because they give us empty promises.
well.. ok...

sigh.. today's not really a good day for me..

a reminder: this saturday 18th aug- mid term for bmt
next monday 20th aug- cyberpreneurship project starts and BAC mid term
next friday 24th aug- last day for cyberp project and BIM mid term.
bfb assigment due, bim assignment due. but still undone yet.
week 10, presentation for BMG. (now is week 8)
and im stucked with BAC assignment and BAC mid term... i dunno wat izzit also..shit!!

arrgghhh..... how????? many things.. to do.....!!!!! so frustrated!
and im having stiff neck.. even more frustrating!! damn!!