Thursday, July 19, 2007

eat drink drunk... haha

first and foremost, i would liked to share the feeling of getting drunk.. the feeling was terrible and the vomiting was yukkie.. haha.. i think i dare not touch more of it next time when i pay a visit to pure bar.. hehe.. anyway.. last nite, me, my sis, her bf, joanne and joanne's bf, went for dinner at asian havana cafe and head up to pure bar after the meal that we had.. we ordered the food and makes both of the table so full.. can see that everyone's is enjoying their food.. haha.. when we reached pure bar, ben and sheldon was there as the dj.. haha.. perfect music.. thanks for playin the song that i requested... since it was ladies nite, i had 4 glasses of cocktail and 1 glass of tequila pop.. its my first time though to try tequila pop, but my tequila din really pop la.. haha.. mayb its my first time... i dunno how.. ahaha.. so i was kinda drunk when we start to walk to the car.. turn up vomiting when i reached my homie toilet.. haha..
talkin bout asian havana cafe, i went there twice in a row for 2 days' dinner.. i went on tuesday wit huisan xia and blur, and now wed wit sis.. mmu students got previledge mar.. 10%..hehe..

pan fried fish fillet with shitake mushroom..

chicken cordon bleu with pasta

me and xia cam whoring after the meal..

pan fried fish fillet.

deep fried fish and chips.

this is the nicest cocktail among the 5... passionate blue..

last sunday me and my sis went shopping at dataran and mahkota.. not bad for a shopping day coz i bought 1 formal shirt from padini, 1 formal skirt also from padini, 1 seed tank top, 2 esprit tops and a bag from seed.. really very nice eeh the bag.. i love it.. since i bought so many things, some my sis helped me to settle it by swiping card la.. hehe.. oh ya,.. and i finally bought a liquid foundation from skin food.. its lemon foundation.. love it so much too.. now cham ady.. coz overspend and left no more money for myself.. sob sob..