Saturday, July 7, 2007

070707...looks kinda special..coz it only happens in once in a thousand years time... hmm... this morning my sis were talkin bout durians and craving for after we had our brunch, we stopped by a little durian stall and they both went when and take a look.. (sis and her bf). the durians were sooo good and tasty... after testing and testing and testing, then they bought back bout 8 of it... yummy durians.. my uncle told us that last time, his grandmother ate alot of the durians in the morning and died at night... so pity la.. coz she got diabetes.. so ppl out there..want to eat can.. but must control oso.. hehe... and drink more water coz eat durian very heaty... buka dan tengok the durian inside good or not..

rasa sedap ker tak....hehethen if sedap feed his gf let her try..mmm...sedap sampai menjilat jari..haha..
satisfied with the taste? then its time to pay and bring those durians back to eat...hehe...cant wait to eat u..
yummy yummy...after 15 minutes...

full full ady... after eating so many durians... no need eat dinner ady...haha...

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