Saturday, July 7, 2007

funday friday

its been quite long since my last blog.. so i plan to update it since i was kinda in a blogging mood now.. haha.. today after class, me, sam, renate, xia and ching ching went for karaoke at red square.. at last i could let out my voice since i was so keen to go karaoke since weeks ago... sigh.. i really hope that i could sing longer but time cant wait.. i enjoyed the day and had fun.. hope that there's another time for us to chill out again.. oh ya.. renate and may.. im stil waitin for both of u all to pay a visit at sunshine bar.. haha (sounds like pay a visit at the old folks home like dat) wahaha...coz alot ah pek and aunty mar... hehe.. after mid term... we go and get WILD there.. hmm.. the more the merrier...kekekeke... here and some picts that was taken durin the karaoke session and the sunshining session.. haha..

sam and xia dueting... phew wit...haha.

me and xia that renate? yee.. ghost appearing in red square.. haha..

renate me and may sunshining at the bar...hehe

renate and me... swee zha bor ooo..wink*

well.. this is my recent pict taken in my sis's room....haha..

oh ya...i wanna say that transformer is really good... nice movie.. and mbo is quite a nice cinema that exist in melaka.. unfortunately the malacca mall is stil not open wit more stalls.. just the cinema is active now.. other than that, all are still not alive yet..haha.. and the cinema is real cold.. remember to bring ur jacket when u go watch the movie.. or not u'll become ice man/woman when u come out from the cineplex..tee hee ... =)

thats all for today...chao...

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