Sunday, July 8, 2007

what a boring weekend i had this week..sigh.. my saturday and sunday is like so bored till can boom.. i needa go out.. but there's no one there to bring me.. sob sob.. sista went kl oso dun wanna bring me.. haih.. somemore had durians on saturday really make me feel very yukkie.. i think bcoz of that makes me feel dun wanna go out.. the breath.. oh ma god!! haha.. besides that, eating durian on saturday with a heaty weather+sore throat, makes me feel sick on the sunday.. aiyorr...very kerlian la me.. somore there's a big red red pimple on my face!!!! chi cham ler~ and then somore the maths tutorial still havent complete.. dunno which to do coz lecturer din specify which to do..and dunno how to do it oso...aiseh..very lazieee me.................

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