Wednesday, September 23, 2009

happy sweet 21st.. 20.09.2009..

yeay.. i'm now officially 21 and i'm a real adult now..
there's lots of things to be done and many problems will come ahead..
things will be different compared from adult to teenage and childhood times..
there are more commitments and more responsibilities to carry..
and there's one thing everyone needs to know..
which is after u reach the age of 21, u will feel that time passes faster..
that means that you are getting old faster..
lol.. that is what my sis told me...
its okay.. i accept the truth that everyone needs to grow older each and everyday..
okay.. this is what i went through the whole birthday process..

13.09.2009, Saturday.
Jiawen, her bf Ivan, Vivian, Ten, Damien, Wei Keat purposely came down from KL and not to forget Vincent, came down from JB... to celebrate mine birthday and Carmen Leong's birthday.. as well as a gathering for all of us.. Alice tagged along in this gathering too.. and my bf also went together... our plan was like this.. 1pm we went for lunch at BB bazaar.. the new shop opened recently and i think its name is "Tong Xin Yuan".. the food there was pretty okay and the price is okay as well.. quite affordable and worth.. then later on we went for dinner at Simply Fish.. Candy a.k.a Boon Li tagged along too.. and we will meet Carmen Leong and May Ping at the dinner session..

this is the seafood platter that i ordered.. i forgot its name already.. but it has prawns, squids, fish and choice of butter rice or chips.. i choose butter rice because i was kinda hungry.. hehhe.. awesomeness.. for RM21.90..

fish and chips

carmen and mayping.. both dieting.. didn't eat anything.. carmen only had one portion of dessert as her main course..

damien, carmen and mayping..

ten ten there waving at the camera.. lol

carmen and her lougong.. =D

my present for Carmen.. sorry ya.. i tried to make it nice but because of time matter, the cookies get soft because i put it in the jar while its still hot.. =(

next on we went to GOGO KTV after the dinner..

me with the ladies..

both birthday girl.. hehe

our birthday cake baked by Jade's aunt.. a nyonya auntie according to Carmen.. =D sweet toppings.. nice cake.. something special for our 21st birthday cake.. and that is my first cake for 21st..

us with the guys..

singing merrily and gayfully.. hehe

our prezzies.. i like the eyeliner so much.. thanks girls.. =D

birthday girls and Boon Li.. =)

weikeat. vincent and gay chee weng.. hehehehe

another sweet couple..

3 of us again.. hope our friendship will still bloom even after we graduate from uni.. =) very happy to have u all as friends..

dear and me outside of GOGO KTV.

hehehe.. lurvess

its birthday eve and I would liked to spend it with the ones that I love..
which is my sister and my dear.. hehe.
just 3 of us.. went to Equatorial Hotel for sushi buffet at Kampachi..
the food there is just so so only.. even the 日式煎饼 at Sakura House is nicer than Kampachi's..

11 pink roses from dear dear.. love it so much.. hehehe

sushis at Kampachi..

this Japansese style beef curry is superb nice! must try.. hehe

tempura.. also so so only.. hehe.. i would suggest you to go Sakura House rather than wasting your money at Kampachi.. =D

mussels and fresh osyter.. and also salmon and tuna..

my all time fav edamame.. love it.. hehe.. sushi king's edamame tastes better than Kampachi's..

tepanyaki scallop, prawns, beef and chicken.. the beef and chicken is very tender.. and prawns is fresh and sweet.. while scallop is not fresh i think.. a lil bit of unpleasant smell when it is in ur mouth.. haha

dorayaki.. very nice.. coz its "kiapped" with peanut butter.. hehe.. syiok..

cakes are so so only according to sister and bf..

my cute ice cream.. smarties for ice cream topping is not a good idea though,, it became so hard to chew..

me SS-ing

me and dear.. @ kampachi..

me and my jie at the hotel's staircase..

sis and my bf.. hehe.. they so paiseh when standing together.. ngeh ngeh..

me and dear.. i love this pict so much.. ehehe.. thanks to the photographer and good camera.. =P

and later on we went back home to eat the birthday cake.. this is the second birthday cake.. my bf bought cupcakes for me.. love it so much.. hehe.. so cute and lovely.. cute colors.. muakss...

each of us then choose our 3d character.. i gave my sister the couple bear.. she took the female one while her bf took the male bear.. hehe.. i took the smaller bee and dear took the bigger bee..

thanks for dear and my sister for celebrating my birthday.. on 19.09.2009, i have an unforgettable nite which me and my bf have gone through.. it is my first time though (please don't think dirty), although that incident both of us won't expect that it will happen to us.. but i will still take it as an experience.. and i will still love you as i always do.. =)

woke up at 7.30 am in the morning to prepare cooking stuffs.. as Mayhua, Xia, Xinhui, Ting2, Yoong Shen, Renate and Grace coming for brunch at 11am..
on that whole day i felt really very tired and almost gonna colapse at the mall.. and i feel that my heart beat gone faster and i really have no idea why.. maybe i have not enough sleep as i slept around 2.30 am.. haha..
i cooked spaghetti and potatoes salad.. hope they enjoyed the

this is my first 2 customers.. renate leng lui and grace.. thanks for coming and thanks to grace for her "cake" and dragon fruit.. and also thanks to renate for the beautiful cake..

all busy makan makan..

this is my 3rd birthday cake.. renate bought it for me.. =D thanks ya renate.. me likey the design.. cute like me.. hahahaha

they brought the cake up to my room.. =)

mayhua and me.. she loves the flowers too.. hehe

me and dear dear..

mayhua made him to do that... lol.. like a marriage proposal.. kekekeke...

and this pict has the feeling like all my jimuis during my marriage ceremony.. ahahaha...
and this is my 4th cake... xinhui and others bought me this.. chocolate cake.. yummy!

me and ting2

with the girls..

after that they took picts around my house and i'm still waiting for the pixxies in Chau Kian's pro cam.. but there are few pictures with me for the photography session.. and now i realise my house decoration can have the potential to be a "bridal studio" with the antique chairs and table.. lol..
just like nyonya aunties and their daughters.. no need me to mention.. you can see who is the auntie and who is the daughter.. hahaha

sweet couple.. with fan somemore.. haha

2 couples.. one eastern and one western.. again.. i dun have to mention it and you'll know yourself who is the western and eastern..u can judge it according to its size..

Next we went for movie at Dataran Pahlawan GSC..
all of us wanted to watch Where Got Ghost.. but the seats are fully booked.
so we change our plan and watched The Ugly Truth..
awesome movie.. its like a love and sex comedy.. you guys out there should watch it..
our movie was at 3.05 pm.. and finished around 5.40pm..

then we went for yum cha at Wong Kok..
i came out with the idea to go there because for birthday person, we can have a jumbo size milk tea with a total of minimum RM30 in a receipt and miminum 6 person.. luckily there are 6 of us.. ngam ngam.. hehe

mayhua and xia..

xinhui and ting ting

mayhua ss-ing..

xia and CK..

this is the jumbo size milk tea..

funny mayhua's pattern.. can't tahan her pattern yang banyak tu.. haha

fuhh.. the drink has been served for the past 15 minutes and we still cant have the chance to drink it yet.. everyone taking photo with it.. keep on pass around.. as if its like a ball.. hahaha...

they ordered this.. sausage bread..

and i ordered the bacon bread.. niceee..

and we met Carina in the shop.. she was doing shopping with her sister.. my long time no see friend since secondary school time.. =)

after that we went jalan jalan.. went daiso and i bought a mini white board.. and went to nichii..

while xia is trying the outfit in the fitting room.. =)

and she bought this.. sigh.. she's really too thin..

so this is the whole process of my birthday..
the day that i'm most exausted is the third party..
but i still enjoyed it.. and it is special.. hehe..

another part is my prezzies..
this is what i received..

the most expensive watch i have ever had..Seiko from my dad..

Bobby Brown crayon eyeliner!!! from jiawen, vivian, carmen leong, mayping.. did i missed out anyone else? lol..

bracelet from Damien, Vincent and Weikeat..

calendar photo frame from Xinhui

crazy purple purse and bracelet from Xia, CK, Mayhua, Ting2 and Yoong Shen..

thanks to all for the presents.. I like it so much.. and thanks for all that made an effort to celebrate with me.. and also thanks to everyone that wished me happy birthday..i thank each and everyone of you that willing to spend your precious time for me even for those who are tired working or to those that are facing their final exams soon.. i really appreciate it so much.. hehe.. so gan dong.. =)

thats all from me for this post..
i would liked to wish all September babies a happy birthday..
those who are 21 this year.. please behave yourself.. please do think wisely when making decisions. because u are already legally and adult.. and make the world peaceful..

actually its is fun to be the main character "主角" for one day.. its very special and all the attention is towards you.. i hope all birthday babes enjoyed their special day to the fullest.. hehe

to all September babies friends.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
i tend to realize that many are born on September.. hmm.. not sure why..
but maybe there's many holidays and celebration during December and January.. haha
get what i mean? LOL


mayhua said...

the celebration was great... and your 5 star BF vy cooperative!!! haha

BiE said...

yup.. ur turn we also will celebrate like this.. hehehe