Sunday, September 27, 2009

wake me up when september ends!

the moment of every trainees are waiting for is coming..
its gonna end soon..
the more is going to end.. the more i am afraid.
every day i'm counting those days to end soon..
here come 30th September in 3 days time..
its coming soon...
the moment it ends, everyone is happy..
i am too..
but at the same time I'm avoiding it too..
because October is coming soon.. and we, final year students are gonna be very busy..
especially for the Final Year Project..
i'm avoiding FYP last few months and I think its really scary..
everything is gonna be my own work..
and that determines my results upon graduation.. whether i can get first class degree, its really depending on how well i scored for my FYP..
im avoiding it because it makes me feel stress...
but no matter how.. i gotta make myself finish it before Delta second sem starts...
because im handling 4 subjects including FYP next sem..
stress stress stress..
now stressing for Internship Final Report..

love-hate month of October..

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