Monday, August 31, 2009

BBQ picnic @Tanjung Bidara

Its Merdeka Day and my dad said since its a holiday, and we wanted to do BBQ for the past few weeks ago, so having BBQ at Tanjung Bidara will be a good idea..
i woke up at 6.30am to prepare what I supposed to prepare...
cooked Nasi Lemak and cut watermelon.. hehe
the rice turned out good and the texture was just nice.. ^^
about 9.30am, my dad came and pick me and my bf from my house..
we reached Tanjung Bidara about 10.15am.. about 45 minutes drive..
actually i wasn't happy with the beach there.. because it was kinda dirty.. prefer Pantai Kundur because its far more cleaner than Tanjung Bidara.. and there's alot of flies and ants attacking our food..
I didn't have much picts for this picnic... did not have any picts of the food we ate also..
haha.. but what we had was chicken wings, sausages, fish, prawns, and nasi lemak..

having my chicken wing.. =)

watermelon that i cut and nasi lemak i cooked..

that's my dad, wendy and 3 little kids..

me and dear ss.. hehe

me at dirty beach.. =p

dear with his super short rolled pants.. haha

view at Tanjung Bidara.. dirty water.. agree?

actually i did went down and "swim" in dirty water la... ishh.. my clothes are so sandy after the swim.. we rent a tyre shape float and float around dirty water.. it was dirty, but it was fun floating in dirty water.. haha..

i wear on dear's t-shirt because my t-shirt might be kinda see through after soaking in dirty water..

it was a good experience for me because its my first time going BBQ picnic at the seaside..
maybe next time Tanjung Bidara won't be a good choice for me to go for BBQ or either picnic..
its too dirty.. my body started to itch at night.. haha
and have to wash our pants which is full of sands in the pocket..
tip* next time don't wear any pants with pockets if you wanna soak or swim at the seaside.. hehe..

well... Happy Merdeka to all of you and thanks for reading this post...
Happy 52nd Independence Day to all Malaysians.. !!


Ashleyteng said...

wah! picnic at the seaside! i'd love to that too! so fun lah! but the ''dirty water'' that u mentioned spoil my mood and expectation to go Tg Bidara then xD

BiE said...

haha.. dun go to Tg Bidara.. its really very dirty.. can go to other seasides like Port Dickson.. i think will be better than Tg Bidara.. sure will be fun.. ^^