Wednesday, August 5, 2009

when i have no one to talk to..

obviously i think i need to talk to someone..
but that i couldn't find someone to talk to me..
so in the end i decided to blog it here..
firstly....actually i really really wanna go shopping in KL..
and yet PTPTN has already banked in for us..
so its a great opportunity to go shopping this month, because the sales is ending this end of the month..
but what i hoped for will not be fulfilled..
i know its hard for him to go with me during this critical time..
due to his exams and assignments and so on...
nahh.. i dun wanna fight about that..
so what? if u cant go with me i'll find others to go with..
then secondly.. there's one day i asked him to accompany me to go facial..
because since my facial wash is going to finish, so i can buy it from the auntie from facial..
but he told me he was afraid of the pain and told me he still have the remaining sessions from Nardia..
sometimes when i really needed someone to accompany me.. and i even ASKED him to accompany me.. but he will not..
cant he just sacrifice some of his time for me?
i can say that now no one is my closest friend..
and the closest is him..
i dont have a BFF.. or a very close girl friend to accompany me do all those stuff..
he is the only one i have..
but.. nah.. i think i have to be more independent..
its not all about you!!


sara said...

u come down kl alone
still got me carmen and vivian

Ashleyteng said...

LOL. without them we can still have fun k. bf don't like shopping but we girls like! xD haha.. come lah shopping give carmen or vivian a call, we 3 off day together go shop together want? hehe