Saturday, February 28, 2009

miss u much

even though we've not been together for long time,
i remember every single thing that we did,
the times that u have your bath, food, barking, wagging your tail when you see me...
and although i hate you at times because of your noises,
but after u leave, I missed that noises so much..
and even if tears roll down,
that will not help me to bring you back..
who is gonna feed you when you're hungry?
who is gonna bath you when you get dirty?
and will you have shelter in this raining season?
you're just a small baby when you reached the first day,
but still not mature yet when you leave..
and how if those reckless drivers can't see you on the road,
and accidentally hit you?
dear belly..
i really miss you..
the memories that we had together,
I will always remember in my heart, forever..

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