Thursday, January 15, 2009


its already the ending of the first week of sem break...
thank god i haven't feel bored yet..
and i'm still not sleeping until 12pm...
woke up at 8am almost everyday..
and not to forget that i woke up at 5.30am because our bus to KL is at 8am..
trip to KL made me disappointed..
i can't get dresses that i wanted for..
but luckily i didn't went back home with empty hands..
and i actually bought quite a few things.. and managed to get a dress for first day of chinese new year..
me and my boyfriend went up to KL by bus to meet up with my sister and her bf..
and we planned to shop at mid valley..
later on to The Gardens and Pavillion..
i didn't get anything from pavillion actually...
just the ice-cream FONDUE from Baskin Robins..

this little thingy... costs us about RM40.. its about 20 mini ice cream balls and some fruits..
well.. we still enjoyed it.. ^^
look at my sister.. enjoying the fondue.. hehe
me enjoying it too... haha.. look a bit scary huh...
me and dear dear.. i love this pict.. ehehe..

it was quite a tired day...
but i still enjoy it..
at least i still bought somethin for myself.. hehe

happy holidays to all...

and wish u all a happy chinese new year..


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