Friday, May 22, 2009

birthday wish list

wow.. its been so long already..
feel like blogging is so rare for me now..
maybe i have lost some interest in blogging, but still..
when i see other people blog, i wanna blog too..
now's the final exam season and 3 subjects i have done..
2 sucked and 1 were alrite..
there are 3 more to go and now, i'm really lazy to continue studying it already!!

im really lookin forward for the industrial training.. which i will be placed at AC Nielsen, Melaka.
and the most important thing is i dont know anyone who will be placed at there....
im gonna be ALONE...
its a good thing is i can learn to be independent and find new friends..
most important is to earn money and to do what i wished with that money..

birthday wish list:
1.i wish to have a birthday party which will need quite alot of $$.. (hope dad will approve)
2.i want a camera, which i have not owned any before..
3.i want a new handphone but i dont know what type..
4.earn more money during training... get first class honor for this sem.. (if i could)

thats all for today..

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