Friday, December 26, 2008

our first anniverssary vs christmas celebration

25th december.. its christmas and its our first anniversary. time passed so fast and my feelings remains the same as last year.. fresh and not fade.. *smiles..
so we decided to have our christmas dinner at Harper's restaurant.. we've made the reservation at 8.. service there are quite good.. food.. in a rating of 5, i give 3.. i ordered the Set B which is this:

mushroom soup.. can u see the oil floating on the surface of the soup? never in my life drinking this type of mushroom soup..


scallop salad.. i think that vege is alfafa.. im not sure of that.. but i love scallop.. taste really good.. topped with a piece of orange and the sauce is nice..


roasted boneless lamb with crushed potatoes and brown sauce.. hmm.. i like the potatoes but not the lamb's texture.. if it was cooked in medium or medium-well, then it would be perfect.. because i think that the meat was overcooked and the meat was kinda hard.


brandied christmas pudding.. nice.. i love it.. but i prefer the dessert that my boyfriend had.. this set of dinner is inclusive of a glass of house wine.. i ordered red.. lets see what he ordered:
pumpkin soup.. fresh pumpkins were blend and the soup is thick and rich.. the more u drink, the more u get headache.. haha..


the same scallop salad like mine..


roasted turkey.. served with thick sweet sauce.. no idea wat sauce is that.. but taste kinda geli.. like the smell of SK-L strawberry cigarette.. yuckss..


TIRAMISU!! ohh.. i miss it so much.. i havent taste that tiramisu since i stop working at Harper's during my secondary school time for part time.. i really like it.. its very rich and lovely.. mmm..

a small candle light for our dinner..

a set of dinner cost about RM120++..
so i think that this is our last dinner here..
and search for a better place next time..

then after that we went for a ride on Eyes On Malaysia.. he really feared to death.. lol... its funny when i see him on EOM feelin so scared and nervous.. LOL..^^

see his funny face.. hahahahaha

our love.. cacated hands.. one so big and another small..

for my present that i got from him is...

from Lazo Diamond.. ^^


5 roses.. hehe


christmas+anniversary card... i know its simple.. but i can see his hardwork, effort and patience..

he took all the time to paste every single blings around the paper.. and also the moon and star.. im really touched.. ^_^ thanks dear..

this is the card that i did for him..

thanks for the dinner, thanks for the presents and thanks for everthing dear.. thanks for being by my side, thanks for accompanying me in this journey.. i promise to love u and give u the greatest happiness.. and i will only want this shoulder to lie on.. I LOVE U.. ^^


宿影 said...

so sweet,hehe^_^

Anonymous said...

so romantic lol....anyway hope relationship forever for u n ur bf......