Saturday, April 19, 2008

BMC assignment

our presentation ended yesterday since our presentation day falls on 17th of april, 9-10pm, group 40.
the 5 of us put alot of effort in making up the boards and sugar paper.
good job girls!
like all the decorations so much.. muahhhs!

all the hard work from everyone.. hehehehess
and taadaa.. this is all our hard work stuffs..

cold storage presented by leader su lynn..ikea presented by ching ching.. with the sexy body lamp.. LOL
gardenia presented by amy..
mc D by sinlu.. p/s: the banana pie is from my idea one.. haha
and this is presented by me.. hehe.. heart haagen dazs strawberry.. mmm.. the rich flavor last, and last and last.. haha..

and for our own company..Dinner Chef.. "your one call dinner solution".. lol.. can u figure out what's white square thing in the middle? its actually fish and chips, with some coleslaw and brocolli.. haha..

hope that we'll get good marks for our hard work.. we really invested alot of time to produce such creative art work..

one pict with su lynn before presentation..


jijitankyy said...

wah.Cold Storage also come into the topic.

haa..ur assignment really special,like doing free advertise for each job leh

Anonymous said...

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