Monday, May 26, 2008

holiday yeah~

wow.. "blow blow.. cough cough".. 10cm thick dust in my blog... haha..
i didn't get the chance to blog for so long.. because of the exams and stuff..
but now here it is.. HOLIDAY!!
yeah man.. holiday is good but too much of it drives me bored..
well.. i finished my exam on last Wednesday and i felt a lil bit of the boredness already.. since my loverboy is goin back to his hometown tomorrow..
sigh.. what am i gonna do for the coming 2 weeks??
i've learnt sushi just after the day of my last paper.. and i think its quite a great success.. a good start..yeah.. looked nice rite? haha.. thanks to jiawen.. i'll try on my own the next time.. =)

well.. no where to go during this holidays.. stay at home and get lazy.. woohoo.. needa lose weight and go shopping!!

another thing is that beta year had just ended.. i'm gonna start gamma next sem! so.. wish everyone good luck in gamma! get good results for every exams.. =)

really gonna miss u much.. though u looked not nice in this picture, but i love it.. haha!!


carmen said...

saw ur sushi i feel hungry d...

jijitankyy said...

Wah..very initialtive.
Wish you have a brand new start in the coming new sem~!