Sunday, April 6, 2008


and so the mid term just ended for the last paper.. which is management accounting.. phew.. sweat!! but at least i think i can make it through this paper la..
not tough and not easy though..
at last i have the time to relax and give myself a lil shortyy break!
the main thing on this perfect sunday is that we had buffet dim sum at renaissance hotel..
haha.. so syioooking and nice la!!
just rm33 for both of us coz i have this priviledge card from my sis which has a 50% discount for 2 pax.. *the normal price is rm28++*
went to mp and bought a pair of vincci formal heels..
=) teehee.. more presentations coming up..
so i shud get a pair..

and i gave my bf this for his so called baju for his handphone.. hahahahato fit in for his N82.. ish.. X)

later on.. we pampered ourselves by this..LOL
still prefer hot chocolate rather than coffee.. not a coffee lover.. blehh..
well.. we went for a movie.. wanted to watch AH LONG PTE LTD but its not showing in GSC.. too bad la..watched 27 dresses.. hmm.. actually the front part before the climax part, it gave us a yawn.. quite bored.. but the end part was okay though..

alrite.. see what's this..see it clearer..
yes.. you did not see it wrongly.. its KODOMO LION's children toothpaste... haha.. i've wanted to buy this long time ago.. say me childish.. but i really miss my childhood time alot when i always told my mum i like the strawberry and orange flavour.. at last i got it in hand today.. and i tried brushing teeth using KODOMO.. LOL.. i think they changed the taste of the strawberry becoz its not as nice as i used to use during my childhood time.. and they had changed the packaging too.. last time the background was white color, and now its red becoz of its strawberry flavour.. haha.. i think next time im gonna get the orange flavour one.. LOL..


rushing for assignments now after the sickening mid term exams.. then final exam comes in just 1 month time.. stress is haunting us mmu students again.. =( sobsssss


jijitankyy said...

Kodomo Lion,ha.I used to be this kind of toothpaste during childhood too.If accidentally swallow also wont harm right?Perhaps can treat it as mint next time..

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