Friday, January 8, 2010

Holla for the late christmas post!

hohoho.. merry christmas.. and happy new year..
yea.. i know its kinda late to post about christmas.. and now its already gonna be mid of January.. 2010..
well.. my pc wasn't feeling well.. so i brought it for servicing..
and gosh.. service is damn bad.. coz after i got back my lappy.. he is still "sick" with virus..
sighhh... i'm gonna get a brand new one when i get to earn enough in the future!

25th December 2009.. was me and my bf's second anniversary and also celebrating christmas together.. i love christmas.. its awesome because christmas songs are nice and environment is great with christmas trees and lightings.. our anniversary tends to fall on the day of christmas..

we went to Equatorial Hotel for our 2nd anniversary and christmas celebration for dinner..
they served buffet dinner with the price of RM68++ per person.. and the food was really delicious!! must try okay!
here it goes.. reservation for 2 under Mr. Chong.. =)

the seabass is awesomely delicious... texture is soft and just nice.. melts in your mouth.. the food there are good.. service is good too.. their sweet deserts are good! oh my.. i can say that they do not have much varieties but it is sure to make your stomach filled up..

happy me with the turkey.. hehehe

christmas decoration in Equatorial is kinda interesting too... =))

nice and cute right?
take a closer look..
those "houses" are made of real biscuits and candies.. lol
cutie pinocchio..
cutie smurfy.. childhood all-time- favorite cartoon..
red nose reindeer? is it rudolph?
dear with the christmas deco..
another deco.. santa together with the 7 dwarfs..
what have 7 dwarfs gotta do with christmas with Santa? lol..
anyway.. its really nice.. because those characters there are made from polystyrene material..

the happy us! yeah.. =)

my 2nd anniversary + christmas prezzie from dear.. i like this fragance so much.. its limited edition from The Body Shop..!! nice! thanks to my baby ~
thanks baby for being there for me in this 2 years.. i know it is hard to tolerate with me.. sometimes there may be ups and downs in our relationship.. but still.. i love u alot and i appreciate and treasure our time together.. and what you have done for me.. supporting me and guide me when i'm wrong.. you are special to me.. and can never be replaced by anyone else! i love you and hope you love me.. happy 2nd anniversary to us.. happy to be part of your life! hehe..

yup.. and so 2009 just left all of us in few days.. and yeah.. what's up 2010.. and welcome 2010 to our life.. my new year resolution is to get a good job that I really like and earn good money.. being independent and show to those that looked down on me.. and hope everyone here living with good health and be happy always.. once again.. merry belated christmas and happy belated new year to all of you who actually read my blog.. tata!!


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