Monday, July 20, 2009

sunday funday

its sunday!!
and its so long ago since i enjoyed day time outing with my dear around malacca town..
since its Sunday, so we planned on the day before to go for breakfast at Renaissance..
honestly speaking, i really miss the Dim Sums there alot.. although its expensive than other ordinary shops out there, but the the dim sum there is the best i've ever tasted and although i'm on diet (T.T), but the dim sum can last until dinner time.. so that's the best thing.. no need to crack our minds to think what to eat for lunch or tea time..
overall 90% of their dimsums are with prawns.. and not one piece inside, u can feel its full of prawns when u chew it in your mouth.. yum yum...
we arrived there around 10.30am.. its kinda full house when we reached there.. waited around 10-15 minutes and we got our table..

this is the 水饺 (dumpling), not bad.. but the soup has some kind of "floury" taste.. don't know how to describe its taste.. lol
this is my all time favorite dimsum.. which is the shark's fin dimsum.. the prawns inside is damn crunchy and sweet and fresh.. !! love it..

dear with his napkin.. hehe

me enjoying dimsums.. hehe

after few rounds of dimsum.. my bf found out this
no kidding lor.. u really can order food from the "big" menu for FREE!

and this is the "big" menu.. but not bad lahh.. all this worth few ringgits if you order it at outside.. besides, its hotel.. so i guess the food will be pretty okay.. so we ordered a plate of Fried Green Vegetables with Garlic since we're too full up for kuey tiow or noodles..

taste okay.. just a simple plate of "chai sim".. or sawi.. haha.. we're so tam jiak.."贪吃“(greedy).. coz even we're already very full.. still wanna order and gain the experience of free food.. lol

i don't know why i felt like the previos time we dine in and it cost us not as expensive as we paid yesterday.. i remembered the previos one was about rm50 somethin.. and yesterday the bill was rm60 somethin.. but i guess its worth it.. hehe.... FYI.. the price per person is RM28, plus the tea for 1 person cost RM1.50.. and some extra charges for service charge and government tax.

so after that, i suggested that we go and visit the Baba House/Musuem which was filmed in the "Little Nyonya" (小娘惹) drama.. but unfortunately, we can't capture any photos inside the musuem.. sigh.. i thought i can blog more about nyonya stuff.. but.. sigh.. nevermind.. we are still able to capture some picts through peeping from the window and snap pictures of the house from outside.. feels so kelian.. what to do.. its a private musuem anyway..

the owner of the musuem..

this is it.. from far view.. this is the musuem where i recognize its ancestral hall is filmed in the Little Nyonya drama.. i remember the word "追远" in the drama.. hehe

outside of the musuem.. i edited this pict black and white so it will look more like the olden days.. haha.. love it..
this is the first house with the antique chairs and table decoration..

if any of you are interested to know more about Baba and Nyonya culture.. u can have a visit in the musuem and rm8 will be charged for adults while rm4 for children. They will have a "tour guide" there to explain what are the usage of things in the house.. both upstairs and downstairs.. actually its quite interesting to know about Baba and Nyonya culture.. even now im half of Nyonya.. i prefer nyonya culture rather than Hokkien.. because Nyonya culture seems to be very interesting and the houses are nice and decorated with antiques..
the musuem is nice.. but just that i feel its a lil bit errie because they have few fake models wearing Baba and Nyonya clothing.. and also a hall which explains the death and funeral culture of Baba and Nyonya..

while on the way back riding motorbike..
my bf stopped and capture a picture at Kg. Pantai.. and he captured this pict.. i edited it and it looks like where its still at the 1960's.. haha.. and so coincidently an ah pek pass by riding a bicycle.. the feeling back to 1960's is deeper.. haha.. *thumbs up* dear...

golden olden days when we were young and alive.. lol..

for today(Monday), I was kinda free and thought of cooking sambal petai with prawns..
it was my first time cooking sambal petai.. it tastes not too bad, where my uncle says its nice, and my bf said the petai was abit raw.. but i think is okay.. is acceptable for us, Baba and Nyonya.. haha.. and not the Hakka where they like to eat softer petai..

big amount of chillies to spice up his taste bud.. hehe..

red onions, garlic and belachan..
blended with chillies.. and there's the tamarind water.. petai and prawns..

and the end result:
tadaa... a bowl of spicy and sweet sambal petai with prawns.. hehe

that's all for today..
ngek ngek... smelly mouth after eating petai.. Burrrpp...

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