Wednesday, July 15, 2009


i've been abandoning this blog for bout a month plus already.. maybe its time for some updates..
i can see that many of my course mates or people that are in the same batch as me are quite busy with their internship.. and i can see they are learning quite many things during their internship period.. filing, photostating, sales, etc.. all of that are boring jobs, but then its part of the experience..
for my internship, my task is to do field work, which means to interview respondents based on what project we get.. from my first project until now, i think this job is kinda fun, but suffering at the same time, especially if we have to do it door-to-door.. where the sun is super-duper hot, and you have to bear the hotness, and calling people from door-to-door.. and 80% of people will reject you.. and at the end of the day, you will get sore throat, thick dead skin under your feet and a tanned skin with a tanned line on your arms.. *sigh.. i will never ever get to wear sleeveless anymore*
but maybe for my job, i can be considered as the lucky one.. where not everyday i need to work and there's is no such thing as i must reach the office by 9am.. even my supervisor reaches the office at about 10 somethin in the morning.. and the supervisor is quite friendly to me.. willing to teach me things that i don't understand, its cool... but sometimes if i didn't work for many days, i'll get bored and jealous of others that are working everyday... nahh.. i don't know.. maybe i'm just feeling a lil bit guilty... but... ahhh.... guilty for what la... not say i dun wanna work, is that my supervisor didn't give me tasks to complete ma.. lol..
i kinda like the recent project which is the cigarette project.. where we need to call up respondents who are smoking Marlboro and Dunhill FF currently.. and they will get the chance to come to our office and try 3 sticks of cigarette while they will be rewarded of RM20 cash! If i were a smoker, i think that its a gift for me.. not only testing new cigarettes, but also being paid rm20 to try it...

another update... when i was browsing on facebook today, i saw my friend's profile posted a news on Megan Fox, sexy hunny chic for the movie Transformers.... is a MAN!!
omfg... all the guy in the world will very terrifying disappointed la.. haha
click here for the news.. when i told my bf bout this, he said: "no wonder Rain don't wanna accept her la.. because she's a tranny.. and he have seen many trannies in his country alrdy, and why wanna accept another tranny from the other country?" LOL..

another one more update.. today i added a new friend in FB and i am really glad to know that she is making a business by selling cupcakes.. i was so tempted when i saw her blog because i really hope someday, one day, maybe my bf could bake for me or even buy it for me with cute decos on the cupcakes.. i want it colorful and cute.. haha.. and now i've found one which i can get it because its so near to me.. it is operating around Bkt. Beruang area.. so, i guess one day i shall try it.. if it tastes real good, i'm gonna buy it again.. hehe...

i am really hoping that i can go KL to shop during this Mega Sales period.. Hui San told me that she will be going to KL and shop maybe on this Saturday.. so envy her..
how im gonna shop where my gaji belum keluar lagi.. somore im so not in shape.. sigh.. still working hard to exercise everyday.. hoping that i will be better in shape by September..
i hate people being judgemental on my size.. why isn't there a medicine that can work in miracle where people eat it today and be slim and sexy the next day? sigh..

few random piccas..

its my eyes!! i likey that color.. the flash just shines at the correct moment but i managed to capture it on one side of my eyes only..

beautiful nyonya baba houses in Melaka.. only available in Malacca i think.. i hope when next time i get old, those houses are still around.. as it is considered as history by the ages.. ahaha.. crap... okay la.. actually this was taken at Coconut House, where they are selling thin crust pizzas.. yumm yummy.. me and my bf went there for our 1 and half year anniversarry celebration.. since i was craving for its salmon pasta.. slurrpp...

this is the eggie pizza... delicios.. and for the pasta i did not take any photo of it because of 2 reasons.. first, the camera phone is in low batt, and second, both of us are too hungry.. when the spaghetti arrives, both of us can't wait and just "hantam" it.. lol.. its really yummy.. the spaghetti over there are highly recommended, either its red sauce or white sauce, it tastes really really good.. but one thing, price is kinda exp tho.. about RM19 per portion.. and the portion for the salmon is not as big as the first time i ate.. nevermind.. still worth it because it tasted so good..

this is my bao bei.. waiting for our food to arrive.. hehe.. smile more next time k? muakss.

me eating coconut.. hehe

malacca nite view at jonker street is so nice.. agree? hehe

in jonker walk on a random Friday..

i was waiting for my cha tao kueh (carrot cake) order.. jonker's cha tau kueh is the best that i've ever tasted.. even the pasar malam 1 also kalah alrdy.. tastes really good.. don't play play ahh...

on one random day me and my bf went and fly kite at stadium Tun Fatimah.. the kite really sux and the weather might be not suitable for kiting... haha... we went after the rain stopped.. so.. i guess its not the right day.. while i ruined the kite where i landed the kite in the pond.. hahaha.. the string is way too long and i was too late to pull the string before it landed.. so the kite just died there.. poor thing.. lol.. promise to get a better one for the next kiting outing.. hehe

this pict was captured by my bf.. haha..this cat is incredibly adorable.. its not dead.. its SLEEPING! weird posture i can say..
our specs.. hehe.. couple specs pulak eh.. love it.. lovey dovey us..

i love this pict of us... i think i look nice in here thats why i like this pict.. haha..

thats all for today... i don't know next update will be when.. muahaha..

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